Amity Ahmedabad students attend an Industry Interaction Session with Mr. K. K. Mishra, Managing Director, Ahmedabad Stock Exchange

Amity Ahmedabad MBA students of Ist and IInd Semester got privilege to interact with Mr. K.K. Mishra, Managing Director of Ahmedabad Stock Exchange. The session started with the floral welcome by Dr. Prashant Gupta following an introduction by Dr. Renu Choudhary. Mr. Mishra set the keynote talk by discussing the present financial market scenario, reasons for frequent movements in the market, major stock exchanges working in India, different depository participants and their functioning.

He spoke about how revolution took place in Indian capital Market, Structural transformation of stock exchanges, shifting of traditional trading system to online trading system and rolling settlement.
He also gave an insight into regulatory authorities of market like SEBI and legal aspects like corporate governance, increase of transparency, dissemination of information, risk management and about various funds like customer protection fund, investor protection fund, trade guarantee fund etc.

After the discussion, the students got an opportunity to raise their queries, which were well- handled by Mr. Mishra. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Sanju Thakur.

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