Amity Ahmedabad students visit the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange

Amity students of MBA IIIrd Semester (Finance) got an opportunity to visit Ahmedabad Stock Exchange. The object of this visit was to get acquainted with the practical exposure of working and operations of stock exchange.
The students visited different departments of the stock exchange and tried to get knowledge about its overall functioning. At first, they met the departmental head of Depository who guided them about major depositories working in India, how demat accounts are maintained, what is pay-in and pay–out and also showed them the networking of terminals.

The next department visited by the students was operational department where they got privilege to see how trading transactions take place through a software Odin. Departmental head also showed them the surveillance system of stock exchange by which they have an eye on the margins of their brokers.
In the Board room, the Managing Director of the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Mr. Krishankumar C. Mishra and the CEO of the ASE Capital Markets Ltd. Mr. A. Manickavelu addressed the students. They discussed with the students the history and constitution of Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, settlement procedure of transactions, market sentiments, circuit filter, upper circuit, lower circuit, short selling and other terminologies of the capital market. They also solved the queries of the students.

In the end students thanked them for giving opportunity to visit Ahmedabad Stock Exchange and sparing their valuable time.

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