Mr. Sukanta Dey from Tata Tele Services Limited interacts with students of AITTM

Mr. Suknata Dey, President – Emerging Business – Tata Tele Services Limited, interacted with the students of Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management (AITTM) on 15 October 2009. The topic of the guest lecture was ‘Emerging Opportunities in Telecom Sector’. The lecture was attended by all students of MBA Telecom Management and Final Year students of B. Tech (Electronics & Telecommunications)

Mr. Dey discussed evolution of telecom, and in specific, mobile telecommunication in different markets like US, Europe, Asia and India – past present and future trends. The corresponding marketing strategies that have been adopted by telcos in these markets were also discussed by him. Mr Dey also shared with the students, statistics on telecom penetration, tele-densitly and other related indices and the future movements expected in these indices for the markets in question.

The lecture was followed by session, where Mr. Dey answered the queries of the students.

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