Bhaskar Sen, a student of Amity International School Saket wins the Bronze Medal during the 5th Commonwealth Karate Championship at Johannesburg, South Africa

Achievement is a conscious outcome of hard work, confidence and determination. Bhaskar Sen, a student of Amity International School, Saket has done his school and nation proud by winning the bronze medal at the 5th Commonwealth Karate Championships held last week at Johannesburg, South Africa by the Commonwealth Karate Federation

He was the junior most amongst the team of four from his school, comprising of Sahaj Ratta, Rohit Kathuria, Anirudh Chauhan & Bhaskar Sen who were chosen to represent India by the All India Karate Federation, all of whom did well to reach the quarter finals

Aged only 14, and in the face of stiff competition from more experienced seniors from the world over, Bhaskar happened to miss the silver by only the whisker of a single vote, after a tremendous fight put up by him against his top ranked opponent in the semifinals. Finally, judges’ meeting was called to decide the bout where the chief judge still sided with him. A true Amitian, for whom setting new benchmarks is a way of life, Bhaskar has to his credit an impressive list of achievements

He had also represented India at the recently held Youth World Cup tournament 2009 at the Evia Islands, Greece, in July where he did well to fight his way up to be ranked sixth. Recently, he won Delhi State Championship for the third time as organized by Karate Association of Delhi in the month of June’ 2009.Bhaskar was also judged best player at the championships held by International Karate Federation at Delhi in April 2009. Amity International School, Saket has the rare distinction of having more than 40 Ist Dan black belts and 5 IInd Dan black belts which is the highest achievement at school level. It takes 10 years of rigorous practice to reach this distinction

Karate is a defensive martial art which helps to build a balance between the body and mind, channelising the untapped propensities of the human body. The Chairperson of Amity International School Dr.(Mrs.)Amita Chauhan believes that these energies should be directed towards constructive pursuits leading to the betterment of society at largeand therefore, every student is initiated into this discipline right from 5years of age and karate is regarded as one of the compulsory activities pursued at school level.

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