Amity Chandigarh organizes a Panel Discussion on ‘ART OF SELLING’ with industry experts

Giving an insight into the "Art of Selling", Mr Bhavmit Singh Chandok, CEO & MD, Tiger Wealth Management, Mr Anoop Ohri, VP (Corporate Trade & Supply Chain), HSBC, Mr Nitin Kapur, AVP, India Infoline and Ms Pratibha Soni, AVP (Factoring Services), HSBC interacted with the students of Amity Chandigarh.

Mr Ohri initiated the interaction by giving a brief idea about the art of selling. He stated- “Some selling ski1ls are innate and some are acquired. It is important to have very good communication ski1ls for effective salesmanship.” He further emphasized that in today’s scenario, pre-approach and well preparedness for a sales call is imperative. According to him a successful salesman is the one who understands his client’s need and then offers a product that best fits him.

Mr Chondok highlighted a very important concern “ The Sales-Phobia.” He emphasized “One should first do what one is good at and then see what one can sell best.” He laid stress on the fact that almost every one wants to be an entrepreneur but if we can’t sell ourselves then it is difficult to survive in the market.

Mr Nitin Kapur, from India Infoline discussed that the attitude of the salesperson is the utmost important thing to succeed in sales. Selling, according to him, is “Delivering thoughts to your client, listening to your customers, gaining in depth knowledge about your product and acquainting yourself about the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor’s product.”

To give more insight into art of selling Ms Soni spoke about the qualities of the salesperson. According to her, a salesperson should be aggressive and outgoing. For her, selling is an art of tapping the right kind of customer. Further she added that sale is not only an art but also a science. A question-answer session followed after the guest-interaction.

The experts concluded that the salesperson while pitching to the client should be natural and should not overact. They also mentioned that the salespersons should be well dressed, should conduct themselves professionally and finally should respect what they are doing, as unless they don’t respect themselves, then no one would.

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