Mr. Ashish Andani, The Director Academics - Inspire Education delivers a Guest Lecture at Amity Indore

Amity Indore invited Mr. Ashish Andani, The Director Academics - Inspire Education to interact with the students on “Making a successful career in Finance Industry”. Mr. Andani spoke about the tremendously growing financial markets that requires about 12 lac trained professionals in India by the end of 2010. He interacted with students to know the current turn over of Indian Stock Exchange and also gave a download that the figure comes out to be One Trillion per day.He gave a brief Introduction of what financial markets are and the products dealt in for eg: equity, debt instruments, derivatives, mutual funds, bonds etc. and discussed about national commodity exchange i.e. National Board Of Trade.(NBOT). He also explained about Portfolio Management Services (PMS) which is done to minimize risk and why people usually prefer this and why it is advantageous.

Current openings of the market in the field of finance were also taken up by Mr. Ashish. He mentioned key areas such as:
o Marketing
o Administration
o Operations
o Research – Very Important
o Fundamental Analyst
o Technical Analyst.

He suggested that to enter into the market for such positions, the person needs to have current market knowledge, he/ she should be NCFM qualified which is mandatory now a day. This is as per the SEBI norms.

Overall the session was a very interactive and a successful event. Students were enriched with the downloads given by Mr. Ashish Andani and have requested him to give another session on how to get the NCFM certification.

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