Mr. Francois Stamm, International Committee on Red Cross delivers lecture at Amity Law School, AUUP

Mr. Francois Stamm, Regional Delegate, International Committee on Red Cross delivered a lecture to the students of Amity Law School, AUUP on Wednesday January 13, 2010. The topic of lecture was Purpose and reach of International Humanitarian Law.

He highlighted the changing dimension of Armed Conflict involving the role of Non-State Actors, who have potential to have bring about enormous destructions by use of sophisticated weapons. There is also danger of weapons of mass destruction falling in their hands.

Mr. Francois Stamm pointed out to the Law students the increase opportunity to their employment in International Legal Forum.

He specially mentioned about job opportunities in International Criminal Courts, Human Rights Courts and Similar organization. There was a great interest on the part of Law students who put incisive question about funding of ICRC and procedure of acceptance of Interns of International committee on Red cross.

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