Dr. A.K. Merchant, Head, Bahai Foundation of India delivers lecture at Amity Law School, AUUP

Dr. A.K. Merchant, Head, Bahai Foundation of India delivered lecture at Amity Law School, AUUP on January 15, 2010. Topic of lecture was Religion & spirituality - Certain Legal Issue.

Dr. Merchant was welcomed by Maj. Gen. Nilendra Kumar the Director of Amity Law School, AUUP. Dr. Merchant spoke on religion and spirituality and some legal issues attached to it. He stressed on the importance of religion and made it clear to the students how this personal aspect of us can have a universal effect. Dr. Merchant was of the opinion that no serious attempt to set human affairs a right, to achieve world peace can afford to ignore religion. He further clarified that Law in its most general sense includes both the norms of conduct of human society and the regularities found in nature.

Dr. Merchant address was followed by a question answer session where he satisfied the queries of the students and the faculty members. He concluded that religion was the real source of law because Law to be effective as a foundation of society depends on the transformation of human conscience. Answering a question on Legal issues on Surrogate mothers he expressed the hope that it would be decided by case law based on the interpretation of existing laws. In response to another question he pointed out that success is not to be measured by material gains but by accumulation of human values.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Niru Sharan a faculty member who thanked him for explaining the philosophy behind the laws.

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