Mr. Shyamal Ghosh, Former Chairman DSCI delivers lecture at Amity Business School

Mr. Shyamal Ghosh, Former Chairman DSCI - a NASSCOM Initiative delivered a talk to MBA (G), students of both 2010 and 2011 batch at Amity Business School on January 11, 2010.

He discussed the present status of the IT industry and several issues related to Data Security. He elucidated the lecture by sharing several practical instances and examples from field of data theft, data security. Main focus was laid upon how to protect corporate servers and systems and how to enhance the confidentiality of the data and precautions that are to be taken care of while using integrated software and systems. The concept of social networking was also discussed in depth.So far there are several threats which are to be dealt with such as several hazards while an individual user uses the Wi-Fi technology to access the internet. The topic about the privacy, data security and RTI was also discussed in length. Students were also given the various regulatory frameworks for Dealing with Cyber Crime / Cyber Terrorism and the various challenges to be faced by them in corporates the issues like Interception of data, sharing of data, Cross-border challenges towards International conventions were also discussed. He concluded his talk by giving insights on maintaining the CIA (confidentiality, integrity, availability) through BCP and DRP plans for an organization.

At the end he talked about his organization and its role in preventing cyber related crimes which was thereafter followed by a question answer session.

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