Dr. Jonathan Richard Ellis delivers lecture at Amity University

It was a memorable day for the faculty, students and researchers of Amity University who received the opportunity to listen to Dr. Jonathan Richard Ellis, a world renowned British theoretical physicist who visited Amity University, Sector-125, Noida. The great physicist delivered a lecture on “ Exploring the Universe with the world’s most powerful Microscope and Telescope”.

Dr. Ellis started his informative lecture by explaining the aim of the Large Hadron Collider, which is to find out “What is the Universe made of?”, “What is matter made of?”, “Why do things weigh?,” “What is the dark matter that fills the Universe”, “How does the Universe evolve?”, “What is the origin of matter?” and “Why is the Universe so big and old?”. He deliberated as to how elementary particle “Electron” was discovered by J.J. Thomson, which eventually became the basis of the electronics industry. He very lucidly described the discovery of “Antimatter”, “Photon- the particle of light” and “Gluon: the Particle of the Strong Nuclear Force”. He remarked that, with time, the universe is expanding in terms of space and how “ BIG BANG”, which took place over 300, 000 years and resulted in the formation of atoms, nuclei, protons and electrons. He tried to answer several mind boggling and perplexing questions through his lecture and satisfy the inquisitive minds of the students which included “Why do things weigh?”,” Dark Matter in the Universe”, “Where does the matter comes from?”

The lecture was followed by an interactive session with the students who had an endless list of questions for the renowned physicist.

Dr. Sunil Saran-Vice Chairman, Amity Science and Technical Innovation Foundation (ASTIF) presented a memento to Dr. Jonathan Richard Ellis and Dr. Archana Sharma who accompanied her to the University.

About Jonathan Richard Ellis
Jonathan Richard Ellis is a British theoretical physicist . Dr. Ellis has been closely associated with the Large Hadron Collider to study the smallest known particles. He is presently associated with CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) as Adviser to its Director-General for relations with non-member states. Ellis is well known for his efforts to involve non-European nations in CERN scientific activities. These interactions have fostered the international character of CERN and opened the pathways of scientific discourse all around the world.

Ellis'' research interests focus on the phenomenological aspects of particle physics, though he has also made important contributions to astrophysics, cosmology and quantum gravity. Most of his publications relate directly to experiment, from interpreting measurements and the results of searches for new particles, to exploring the physics that could be done with future accelerators. He was one of the pioneers of research at the interface between particle physics and cosmology, which has since become a sub-specialty of its own: particle astrophysics.

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