Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management organises Two day seminar “TeleFocus- 2010”

India, no doubt, has the potential, ability, capacity and the confidence to become a front ranking country of the world, what we need to do as a nation and I am not talking about what government should do, what society should do, what NGOs should do, or what young people should do, is to start thinking and talking as a nation because all of our objectives ultimately are same”, were the words of conviction by Hon’ble Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communication & IT during the inauguration of annual two day seminar “TeleFocus- 2010” on the theme of “Growth of Telecom in Emerging Economy starting from February 4, 2010”at Amity.

The seminar commenced with the Hon’ble Minister expressing his concern over important issue of sealing of towers in Delhi/ NCR, Hon’ble Sachin Pilot. He averred, “the issue is between the telephone operators and the authorities, it has nothing to do with my Ministry. Whatever is the law of the country has to be abided by and without ignoring the rules and regulations of our country, all the operators should work. At the same time, authorities should seal the towers only after physical verification. The consumer should not suffer as the fallout of the tussle between the operators and authorities. Operators and authorities should try and resolve this issue faster, since the actual consumer is suffering”

Presenting his views on the topic Hon’ble Minister said, “Though we are able to provide connectivity to half a billion users in the country but there are half a billion people who are yet to be empowered. Mobile communication technology and a sense of having communication gadgets in one’s hand is a true empowering tool because the mobile phone, today, has just not remained an instrument that we use to make and receive phone calls”.

Sharing his views on how the youth can play a greater role in telecom sector, in India’s economy and ultimately, in India’s rebuilding of itself, he said, “there is a tremendous convergence of the Information Technology happening, there was a time when handsets were used to make phone calls and talk to the people and desktops and laptops were used to surf the net. Now, the handset is being used via 3G technology, to do video conferencing, to talk to each other, to have night chats on handsets and we are using mobile to surf the net. Now, the handset is being used via 3G technology, to do video conferencing, to talk to each other, to have night chats on handsets and we are using mobile to surf the net. There are more opportunities, now, for youth to find new and dynamic ideas, to be more creative, to participate in this ever changing dynamic sector since there are more companies then ever before and there are more entrepreneurs than ever before. I am happy to say that in last year or so there has been sluggishness in the global economy, there has been recession in most western countries but despite all that I think, India has maintained itself with a pretty healthy growth rate of 47% and I would add that Telecom Sector and the IT Sector have been a great catalyst for Indian economy to sustain that growth. The future of Telecom revolution that we have been witnessing for last decade and a half lies in Tier III and Tier IV cities in small 640, 000 villages in this country. And, a large portion of them are still waiting for reliable, cheap and well connected communication technologies. It is the Government’s duty as well as the companies that are operating in the country to span out across the India, let every Indian be a part of telecom revolution. Every Indian citizen has a right to belong to this changing environment and to make use of communication technologies.”

Citing the decision of launching Wi-max services, a leading technology of the world, in North East, Hon’ble Minister highlighted the importance of penetrating the rural, remote and tribal parts of the country with a big push because those are the areas where things like health and education is desperately needed. This provides a lot of opportunities for young people there and institutes like Amity Institute of Telecom Technology which are specifically focusing on training young boys and girls in this area are really catering to the needs that are going to arise in next 2- 4 years. To my mind, India has been an “IT Superpower”, it’s been recalled as so by none other than President of America who has been challenged by the growth India is making. We should be proud that we are making name for ourselves globally. Our domestic IT services market is about 13 billion dollars but there is still so much of growth that can take place in IT sector and Telecom Sector are very closely aligned. What we need to do is start focusing on the hardware and manufacturing side so much of our telecom equipments, our handsets, our routers and most of our hardware are still being imported and there is no reason why in India we cannot developm an ecosystem, an environment where manufacturing can take place. We have been focusing on IT software, IT exports services but now it’s the time for India to really leap into manufacturing. India’s 2/3rd population in still engaged into agriculture and farming and the contribution to GDP from agriculture is falling every year, it’s about 17-18%. So, 2/3rd of the country is working directly or indirectly on farmland and contributing 18% to the GDP. So, we have to start shifting this large portion of young population into the manufacturing side, with skil1ed and semi-skil1ed workforce, manufacturing in the IT sector, manufacturing in the Telecom sector is something that the Government is very serious about. Here, we need to partner with all the major players, smaller players, SME’s which can help a lot in this area”

Lt. Gen (Retd.) P D Bhargava- Director General, Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management (AITTM) welcomed the august gathering and highlighted the topics that would be covered during the two day seminar and stupendous achievements of AITTM.

Addressing the students of Amity, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President said, “the career and future of my students is very important for me. I have two missions in my life. It is God’s grace on me and on my family that has helped me to fulfill my missions which are to make Amity number 1 in the world and to make India a super power. When I see the students of Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management, I feel my mission is getting fulfilled through them. All the factors are present in my university which can help the country to become a “Super Power” namely the infrastructure, the faculty and cutting edge technology.

This major telecom event was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister, Mr. R N Prabhakar- Member TRAI, Mr. Gowton Achaibar – Head of Market Unit-India and Srilanka and President, Ericsson India and Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group.

The two day seminar will be attended by Mr. Abhay Savargaonkar - Senior Vice President – 3G Network Quality, Bharti Airtel, Mr. Randeep Raina – Head-3G Business, Nokia Siemens Networks, Mr. Alok Kumar – Chief Delivery Officer, Aircel, Mr. Sethumadhavan – Director Marketing- Huawei, Mr. Sanjeev Govil – COO – Reliance (NCR), Mr. Sriram T V – Vice President – Technology, Bharti Airtel, Mr. Mayank Bhargava-Head 3 G Program- Ericsson India, Mr. Rupinder Singh Ahluwalia – Executive Vice President & CSO, GTL Infrastructure Ltd and Mr. Prakash Agnihotri , Head – GSM Product Line Global, Nokia Siemens Networks who will share their views during the enlightening sessions on “Realising the Broadband Vision”, “3G Deployment & Roll Out: Indian Perspective”, “Strategy & New Business Approaches: Indian Perspective ” and “Green Telecom: Concept and Strategies”

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