Students of Amitasha enjoy the rides at "Worlds of Wonder"

On the behest of Amity Humanity Foundation- the social renaissance engine of Amity,Worlds of Wonder,(WOW) at NOIDA provided a complimentary trip for Amitasha children studying in Amity International Schools located in Noida and Saket

With due approval of Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan-Chairperson, Amity International Schools over 300 students, teachers and staff visited the Worlds of Wonder

On arrival , the children were received at the entrance by an extremely courteous and helpful staff. All the team members were given a wrist band each which entitled them to all the rides. Small children were confined to the rides in the La Fiesta zone which had interesting rides such as mini Train, mini jet, Hipti hop, Rocking Joker, EL Metador (Frog Jump), Locomtion etc.

Older children enjoyed the other rides as well, such as Down Load, Rocking Roller, Fast Forward, Mega Disco, Shanghai Swinger, Chart Smashers etc. Some of the brave ones took these scary rides more than once. Later they danced on the DJ as well. It was interesting to see them in their elements, running from one swing to another but in a disciplined manner. Finally at 3.30 PM they started boarding the buses and returned.

The entire trip was coordinated by Maj. Gen. Dr. Surendra Kumar, Vice President, Amity Humanity Foundation and Dr. Chanda R, Akhouri, Officiating Director, Amity Humanity Foundation.

Amitasha was established by Amity Humanity Foundation under the vision of Dr. (Mrs) Amita Chauhan -Chairperson, Amity International Schools in 1999 for ameliorating the condition of underprivileged girl childern. Dr. (Mrs.) Chauhan is a true educationist at heart who wants to serve the humanity and revolutionalise the entire education system in India, an education system which is far from rote learning and endeavors to nurture the holistic well- being of the youth thereby making them responsible citizens of the country

The goal of Amitasha is to endow school, home and security to the unprivileged girls for overall growth of the society. Amitasha not only provides education but also organizes seminars, educational tours, and entertainment place’s visit on a regular basis

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