“The landscape of India has changed due to technological developments and also due to the way of thinking of the present generation”, asserted by Mr. Rajan Mittal of Bharti Airtel during his lecture at Amity University”

“Today the world is vastly different then when I went to college. We were not connected well. The aspirations were different earlier. Earlier our lives were confined to small territories. But today world is well connected. So the connectivity of the present generation is unique. I would like to speak to the students about the current happenings. Share their views and carry them back to my organization,” Mr. Rajan Mittal said.

He specifically mentioned the year 1947 as year of political freedom 1991 as year of economic liberalization. He said that the economic independence was not by desire but by default. The social factors and mindsets were vastly different. Even today the Government of India’s political class thinks to make profit. You could be a professional, industrialists, and entrepreneur but still resist the thinking of making profits. Education would also come to this category. Education is not for profit. If we do not earn profit then from where we will make investment for the future of the country is notion. But that is only a mindset we have made. These mindsets are to be changed to construct infrastructural development for the support of the country. Pandit Nehru our first Prime Minister worked very hard to provide jobs and he did well. But we somewhere lost the race. At present there is complete disaster in both government and private sector. He said that the Indian demography is changing rapidly. People keep comparing China and India. China is far ahead in terms of their advancement in science and technology and leadership quality. China does not thinks in terms of present or near future, it always thinks twenty to twenty five years ahead were the words of Mr. Rajan Mittal Vice Chairman and MD of Bharti Enterprises and President, FICCI who very impressively outlined few of his thoughts and experiences during his lecture on current corporate situation and the industry climate organized by Amity Law School at Amity University Campus, Sector-125, Noida.

Mr. Rajan Mittal was greeted by Major General K Jai Singh, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Major General Nilendra Kumar, Director, Amity Law School and Major General R.K. Dhawan, Senior Vice President, Amity International Division.

Major General K Jai Singh, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh said that Bharti Airtel symbolizes one of the great achieving enterprises of the country. We are fortunate to have an enterprising leader of such an organization in our campus.

Major General Nilendra Kumar, Director, Amity Law School asserted that India would be spending 2.5 billion dollars by 2015 in the retail sector which would be directed employment to 60,000 people.

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