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29 Sep 2020|Noida | Amity University, Noida ( Online )

Webinar on ‘What Corporates Want?

 A webinar on ‘What Corporates Want?’ was conducted by Mr. Ashish Sinha - General Manager - Human Resource - Vodafone Idea. Mr. Sinha shared insights on how things have transformed in the corporate world in the past six months. He shared that January 2020 had routine office hours with teams reaching by 9.30 in the morning till 7 in the evening with casual conversations interspersed with work. However, in the last 6 months there are no offices and workers are silent, solo warriors in their homes on their own. There are huge number of calls along with video calls and work continues beyond stipulated office hours. Video calls continue over weekends as well. He averred that the sales team has also witnessed a paradigm shift in their working as traditional means of communication have undergone a change now. He added that informal communication has been the biggest casualty and is missing now. Markets have become tough as the economy has gone down substantially. Employees have been asked to leave, salary cuts of workers, no incentives are happening. While work is going on, situation has become tough now.  

Mr. Sinha asked students to identify the skill sets that they need to develop to succeed & survive in this scenario. He detailed at length about communication skills as informal skills have undergone tremendous transformations in these pandemic times. Verbal communication has been replaced by virtual communication requiring totally different skill sets. He also laid emphasis on how to handle the digital mind space as digital is the new currency requiring deep knowledge about digital platform tools. He suggested students to focus on having a digital presence on a platform where corporates share and exchange ideas and can be connected with. He also called for maintaining mental health and be at peace with themselves with focus on developing emotional intelligence.   


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