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03 Oct 2020|Noida | Amity University, Noida ( Online )

Webinar on "The Future of Work"

 A webinar on "The Future of Work" was conducted by Mr. Hilal Khan - VP & Operating Head - IT - Honda Car India Ltd. He detailed about the current pandemic scenario and how its been affecting the student’s mindsets. He also shared about the change market has seen in the last two decades that required alignment and how students can align their thoughts to prepare for the next level of assignment in their career. He averred job-ready and education ready are two different things but shared with them how they are the best who will change the world. He detailed about what a job and its future will be to help them be ready for it. Mr. Khan advised students to give a thought on how competitive, innovative and agile they are as these have an important role to play in their lives. He asked students to challenge the notion of being well-educated and well-trained. 

He averred that if one works in the web programming, online marketing or mobile phone industries, that did not exist twenty years ago, and no one knows what job will exist in the future as well. He shared that new norms are being created and the people out of work today will soon find jobs again, but the work won’t be the same. He stated that the future of work is transparent and how time and task tracking tools are revolutionizing productivity measurement & the more productively one works, the more money one will make. He also added that the future of work is flat, and people are mobile now without having to define work as a place. He stressed that the organization is now flat, and, in the future, location will not matter. Mr. Khan stressed that having a degree is an entry to the work environment but will ensure sustainability and one will have to earn every day. He also spoke at length about IKIGAI, a Japanese concept meaning a ‘reason for being’. He averred that everyone has an ikigai and it is the meaning to your life.  



A webinar on “What it takes to succeed in the Corporate World?” was conducted by Mr. Rohan Lele - General Manager & Head - Learning, OD & EmployeeCare - Atul Ltd. He averred that to be successful, knowing is not enough but to execute and practice what we know. He shared 10 Mantras for Corporate Success that he believes and practices every day. He stated that success is a process, not a destination. He advised students to “Acclimatise yourself to the organizational climate” as the first mantra including the culture; product technologies; competition; business life cycle; Understand your role; understand expectations from your leader; build relationships and talk to colleagues (recent joinees) to prepare themselves well to execute their plans. He quoted Stephen Covey in sharing the second mantra as “When you make a mistake, admit it, correct it and learn from it immediately”. Referring to a saying by Sachin Tendulkar, he averred the third mantra stating, “I am not thinking too far ahead, just taking one thing at a time”. He suggested creating short-term goals to succeed in this dynamically changing world especially in the present pandemic driven times.  

Talking about the fourth mantra, he quoted Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who had said “To be like a sun, you have to burn like a sun” and suggested students to be disciplined & consistent to be successful in the corporate world. Referring to Dr. Kalam again who had said “You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future”, Mr. Lele shared that one has to change mindset & attitude to become flexible and agile.  To learn, unlearn and relearn is integral. Talking about Mantra 6, he averred that continuous learning is a key to consistent progress. Mr. Lele asked students to never say no to an opportunity and learn from every experience as the seventh mantra. He shared the eighth mantra as to Look to innovate and add value irrespective of wherever one is in their career to avoid being replaced by technology that is taking over several existing jobs. He quoted Jack Welch for the ninth mantra who had said that “Control your own destiny, or someone else will” and suggested students to have an adaptable attitude to succeed. Sharing the tenth mantra he again quoted Sachin Tendulkar who had said, “I have never tried to compare myself with anyone else”, and suggested students to only look to improve oneself & try to up their game rather than looking at others. 

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