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05 Oct 2020-|Mumbai | Amity Mumbai Mumbai, Campus

Amity University Mumbai Organizes Innovation Day Webinar on “Innovation and Opportunities in 3D Printing”

 General Introduction 

The innovation day is celebrated in honor of the birthday of Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Hon’ble C-VI sir. On this occasion, Amity School of Engineering and Technology had organized a webinar on Innovation and Opportunities in 3D Printing.
Objective of the Event 
  • To create awareness about 3D Printing
The 3D printing is one of the recent technologies which has found its use in various engineering and non-engineering applications. Starting with keychains and other items, 3D printing has helped to develop the models for medical science also. Mr. Girish Murthy, Director, 3DPrintzkart delivered a talk on innovation that has taken place in the field as well as opportunities available for various disciplines.
The aim was to create awareness about innovation and opportunities in 3D Printing. More than 170 students attended the webinar and participants got information and knowledge regarding the field of 3D printing. They came to know about interdisciplinary requirements of the same. 


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