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30 Sep 2020|Ranchi | Amity Ranchi

Amity University Jharkhand Organized 5th"Orientation Programme"online for the new Batch of 2020

Amity University Jharkhand Organized 5th"Orientation Programme"online for the new Batch of 2020.

Amity University Jharkhand organized an online Orientation program for the upcoming batch of students of 2020 on 30th September 2020. Amity is well known for a nice blend of modernity and culture. As per the tradition of Amity, all students, parents, faculty members, and staff participated online in Hawan to seek blessings from the Almighty to mark the auspicious beginning of their professional journey.

Mr. U. Ramachandran, Senior Vice President of Amity education group graced the session with his powerful words, "Vision should be clear to be focused and to succeed. Amity is a place where the study is not only concerned to books, but it is a place where discipline, behavior and manners are taught.” He gave examples of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and motivated the students to be confident enough to achieve their goals and always seek blessings from parents and God.

Mr. Gauravh Gupta, the Vice President of Amity Education group said, "Teachers are always ready to teach, it is up to the students how much they take, so every student should grab as much knowledge as they may.

Prof.Dr.Raman Kumar Jha, Vice-Chancellor Amity University Jharkhand graced the occasion and said,"Education is about intelligence but Amity University Jharkhand not only focuses on this education system but also on behavior, interpersonal relationships, capacity building and development of values and provides a value-based education to its students".

Prof.Dr. Ajit Kumar Pandey, Director Amity University Jharkhand welcomed the students by saying, "The Motive of the orientation program is to imbibe all attributes that will be required in order to gain the positive aura, in order to have the positivity and remove the negativity. We need to orient ourselves to take all sorts of academic challenges."

Mr.Prabhakar Tripathi, Registrar Amity University Jharkhand shared his thoughts by saying, "Life is beautiful when we lead it in a planned way. Amity University not only teaches to study but also to maintain decorum and consistency."

The students were given the glimpses of Amity family and culture to make them familiar with the norms and functionality of the University.

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