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10 Oct 2020|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Online

Learner-Centric Education with 21st-Century Pedagogy

 Amity School Engineering and Technology organized a Webinar on Learner Centric Education with 21st Century Pedagogy by Dr. S.K. Das Mandal,  Professor, IIT Kharagpur on 10th October 2020. 

The Main objective of the event was to prepare students for their role in learner-centric education System and help students identify their skill sets and become inquisitive, self-motivated learners. Also, Create Awareness about student-centered learning and assessment, Identification of 21st century skills for the success of students.   

Dr. Shyamal Kumar Das Mandal , Assistant Professor, IIT Kharagpur delivered his talk on vision on learner centric pedagogy for 21st century that can offer a right blend of learning to students. And spoke at length on  

  • The Teacher Side and Student side of Pedagogy 
  • Assessment Methods 
  • Responsibilities of students/ teachers before reaching the classroom 
  • Flip classroom  

Students were made aware about student-centered learning and assessment. They were told about 21st century skills for the success of students. The talk helped in identification of roles and responsibilities of students in learner-centric pedagogy.  

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