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06 Oct 2020-09 Oct 2020|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Online

National Webinar on Nursing Care Perspectives: Paradigm Shift During Covid-19

Amity College of Nursing Organized nation webinar on nursing care perspectives during covid -19 between 6th -9th October 2020. 

The Main Objective of the events was to discuss Government initiatives in Prevention and Management of Covid-19 and enhance the quality of psychology well-being during covid 19,special precautions taken during CPR in Covid era, explore the oxygenation and Ventilation techniques used for Covid Patients. 

DAY 1- 6th October 2020 


Webinar on “Government inventiveness in management of Covid-19” by Dr. Riaz . K.M, Assistant Professor, Government College of Nursing, Medical college P.O. Thrissur, Kerala, India.  

Dr. Riaz .K.M spoke on “Government inventiveness in management of Covid-19”.Dr. Riaz .K.M provided the data on the topic and how the country fought against corona with courage and dedication. He discussed on Strategies of Department of health and medical education, Contact tracing, Quarantine, National taskforce for COVID 19 by ICMR and Guidelines for various labor force. Participants raised many questions and provided comments regarding the Government inventiveness in management of COVID-19 and how it connects with the broader context. Finally, the webinar was ended with Vote of Thanks proposed by Ms. Shikha Gulia.  

DAY 2- (7th October 2020) 

Webinar series was on  “Psychological Resilience” by Dr. Padmakali Banerjee, Pro Vice Chancellor & Dean Academics Amity University Haryana. 

 Dr. Padmakali Banerjee, Pro Vice Chancellor, Amity University Haryana shared her wisdom of knowledge on “Psychological Resilience”. Dr. Banerjee splendidly talked about Psychological resilience with the worthy discussion on wellbeing, mindful meditation, adversities of taking stress, with beautiful examples like PEROMA model and LEAP- a process model for eudaimonic wellbeing. she has beautifully explained about the power of positive relationship and positive thinking. she enlightened about realization of self-potential and power of optimistic in this time of crisis.She illustrated Resilience as an ability to bounce back. 

DAY 3- (8thOctober 2020) 

Webinar series was on “CPR diligence” by Dr. Poonam Joshi, Associate Professor in Nursing, College of Nursing, AIIMS, New Delhi  

Dr. Poonam Joshi spoke on the topic “CPR diligence”. Dr. Joshi resplendently talked about CPR diligence with the noteworthy discussion on the Algorithm approach, Scene Safety, New approaches and guidelines of CPR and Comprehensive cardiopulmonary life support, and many phases of CPR in the COVID 19 era. Participants raised many questions and provided comments regarding the CPR diligence and how it can be practiced in an emergency under this pandemic.  

DAY 4- (9thOctober 2020) 

 The fourth and final day session of the Webinar series was “Oxygenation and ventilation for Covid- 19 patients” by Prof. Suresh K Sharma, Professor & Principal, College of Nursing & Dean (Nursing), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India.  

Prof. Suresh K Sharma to speak on the topic “Oxygenation and ventilation for Covid 19 patients”. Prof. Sharma talked about the topic with prominent discussion and demonstration on High flow nasal cannula, NIPPV, Mode of ventilation. He explained the monitoring of patients on a ventilator, oral hygiene, positioning, physiotherapy, psychological support, and communication.Participants listened thoroughly and asked questions to the speaker. He simplified on oxygenation and its step by step process, as well as elaborated on fist line choice for oxygenation in Covid patient. He cleared all their doubts and provided extra knowledge on Oxygenation and ventilation for Covid- 19 patients.  

 Participants enjoyed the session and asked questions to speaker. Dr Padmakali Banerjee provided remedies to achieve psychological resilience.  

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