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08 Oct 2020-09 Oct 2020|Ranchi | Online Event

Amity University Jharkhand Organized "Emerging Trends in Wireless Communication and Information Security"


      Amity University JharkhandOrganized"Emerging Trends in Wireless Communication and Information Security"


         Amity University Jharkhand organized a two-days International Conference EWCIS 2020 on the theme of "Emerging trends on Wireless Communication and Information Security" in collaboration with Springer LNEE and IEEE EDS Kolkata Chapter on 8th& 9th October 2020. The conference was organized by the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering.

          The guest speakers were Prof.Dr. Hiroshi Inokawa, Professor, Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University, Japan, Prof. Dr. Ajith Abraham, Machine Intelligence Research Labs ( MIR Labs), Seattle, USA, Dr. Amit Banerjee, Technocrat, Scientific Advisor, Formerly Scientist, Department of ECE, National University of Singapore, Singapore and Dr. Arun K. Majumdar, Research Scientist, San Diego, California.

         Prof.Dr. Raman Kumar Jha, Vice-chancellor, Amity University Jharkhand said, "In case of technology is developed to a great extent and we can restrict a system which we can communicate fast,we can collaborate fast, we can exchange fast our ideas and thoughts and bring out something new for the society. It is also possible that the same thing is also misused by the wrong thinking and therefore we should not think in the wrong direction". He also added that it is the right knowledge that is the solution to all the problems.

          The guest speaker Prof.Dr. Ajith Abraham addressed by saying that, "It is the youth or the youngsters which need to take up the technology and move forward". He focused on Industry: 2.0 –Role of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences.

        The guest speaker Prof. Dr.HiroshiInokawa stressed on Nanometre – Scale Photodetectors for High Performance and Unique Functionality. He also said that downscaling to nanometer brings many opportunities in photodetectors, such as SOI photodiode with SP antenna, Ultrahigh-frequency SET rectifier, etc.

      Prof.Dr.Ajit Kumar Pandey, Director Amity University Jharkhand, added on by saying ???????????????????, ???????????????? :  (Wisemen Spend their time in discussing Literature, intricacies of theories & Postulates). The International Conference through virtual mode turned into a blessing in disguise as it could allow the people of scholarly societies, pan world, to join the conference without any limitations so caused by time or territory. The theme of the conference so relevant that it gained the attention of more than thousands of scholars across the world and as many as 75 scholars contributed their research papers out of which 35 Authors of research papers were invited for presentation during the conference. During the period of the pandemic, the entire world is looking very optimistically towards the technologies for the ease of doing business, and wireless communication is most sought for in this regard. When anyone talks about wireless communication, understands the implied role of cost optimization, the effectiveness of communication with minimum distortion, and its usability in the operations of various machines which may be in the remote areas. Besides this, one may not deny the importance of information security and privacy while communicating wirelessly. This essentially requires a check and balance between wireless communication and information security.

           Thus the conference aimed to congregate scientist, engineers, and technologist from academia as well as from industry on the same platform for a brief yet intense period of discussion, collaboration, and addressing related problems in research and also to provide a platform to the researchers to showcase their talent and publish their work in reputed journals.


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