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28 Sep 2020|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Online

Expert Talk on “Innovations for Global Competitiveness”

Corporate resource center organized expert talk on “Innovations for Global Competitiveness” by Mr. Anil Bhasin, President, Havells India Private Limited, India on 28th September 2020.

Dr PB Sharma Hon’ble Vice Chancellor AUH emphasized the importance of Innovation, from education to research, for all sectors not limiting to science and technology and moving further to management, arts, humanities, social sciences and others. Creating the culture of Innovation to meet the dynamic changing environment was foremost in the whole session. Innovation in Havells is a culture, nationally and internationally.

Mr Anil Bhasin clarified the difference between Innovation and Invention. Quoting an example of Japan country which has produced more world famous electronic brands and each brand working on innovation and technology. In India, the focus on quality of the product is most required. Innovation in Havells means quality. R&D and Research & Innovation Centre for Havells are separate entities and freedom is given to people working for Innovation at Havells.

He laid emphasis on the focus on Indian technology and not depend on borrowed technologies like Google, Youtube, facebook etc. Human capital is important, we should give a culture for people to work in an organization for a longer time period. Passion for excellence and quality are most important. Creativity and Innovation are related to each other and should be given flexible timeline to bring out creativity.

Customer delight also features prominently in Innovation. Havells has now started focusing on use of Solar energy innovatively.Education empowerment to employees also brings about innovative values.

The session was concluded capturing the important innovative features of technology by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor. The younger community of students can now easily express their innovative talent through strong academia- industry connects.

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