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23 Oct 2020|Gwalior | Amity University Madhya Pradesh

“Stamp Design Competition” organized by Amity School of Architecture & Planning (ASAP)

 Stamp Design Competition” organized by Amity School of Architecture & Planning (ASAP)

On the occasion of the Birthday of our beloved Founder President Dr Ashok Chauhan Sir, rd

Amity School of Architecture & Planning has organized a Stamp Design Competition, on 23 , October 2020, on the Theme ‘Sangathan’ which is an annual sports competition.

The aim of the competition was to celebrate the Birthday of Our Founder President Dr Ashok Chauhan Sir and also to make the students aware about the Sports, Discipline, Unity, Physical Health and also to give the message through graphics that “In a Healthy Body lives the Healthy Mind”The size of the stamp to be designed was 1. 5” x 2.5”.

The competition was organized on MSteam, 23 , October 2020 from 10:15 am to 11:15 am.

Total 61 registration/ entries were received out of which 27 entries were shortlisted.

The programme was coordinated by Director, ASAP and Ar. Siddharth S. Jadon, Asstt. Prof. (ASAP).

The shortlisted entries were displayed on screen and each participant explained his stamp design and shared his concept of the Stamp Design.

The Jury for the Stamp Design Competition, consisted of the following:

  1. Dr. Jaya Jain, H.O.D, fine arts department, K.R.G College, Gwalior

  2. Dr. Sumit Narula, Director, ASCO.

  3. Prof L.K Jain, Director, ASAP

The learned jury members gone through the presentation of the Stamp Designs very carefully and recommended the following winners in the order of merit:

1. Mr. Risabh Pathak, III Sem. B. Arch Winner
Mr. Aryaman Ujjwal, I sem. B. Arch. - First Runner up 

3. Ms. Roshini Janardhan, ASET dept. & Mr. Somya Soni, V sem. BID, ASAP dept.- - Second Runner up 

4. Mr. P, Praneet Parameshwar, I sem. B. Arch. - Consolation

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