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28 Oct 2020|Noida | Amity University, Noida ( Online )

Body Language & Business Skill Development

 A webinar on "Body Language & Business Skill Development" was conducted by Mr. René Deceuninck, CEO & Founder, Public Speaker, Coach & Trainer,  The Oxford Institute of Body Language. While addressing Mr. Rene shared about his career journey and said that there are many people in your environment who try to pull you back, but it is important to keep yourself positive. He advised students to never give up and to look at things with different perspective. He asked them to help themselves first and then others & to become a mind reader and see what's never being said. He averred that knowledge is amazing but using and applying is very necessary & how the subconscious mind is the hard disk. He shared that only 7% of talk is words, rest is body language, feeling, ideas etc. in the process of communication. He stated that people usually get very irritated in traffic jam, but they can use that time as my time and how one can change their situation by changing their way of thinking. He advised to never put hard handshakes as it gives impression of having an arrogant personality. Showing fingers while addressing is a very negative posture and dominating. He added that reading the body signs is very important. 

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