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26 Oct 2020|Noida | Amity University, Noida ( Online )

"Women Empowerment"

 Amity School of Insurance, Banking and Actuarial Science organized an online guest lecture on "Women Empowerment" by Brahma Kumari Sangeeta. While addressing the virtual gathering she said that one must understand their own state of mind. She stated that when things are disturbed, it means that the situation is not as per our learning. One cannot control outside things but can control what's inside and it's not falling into a river that causes death but not knowing how to swim. Likewise, situations by themselves never become a problem. It's not knowing how to handle situations that turns into a problem. She stated that people these days worshiping goddess, but they are not understanding the real power of women and how crime against women are increasing day by day. She called for increasing the power to tolerate but not what's wrong. helping others by addressing thier problem and earn respect, one must respect others too. She averred that adjusting doesn't mean to compromise but is a power. And if one can adjust according to situations, it means one is flexible. She suggested to be problem solver for others and not be troublemakers. she stated that one can spread happiness with their words of wisdom. She stated that instead of controlling others life, one should control their own life first. She called for controlling the brain and try to keep negative thoughts away that will have a positive impact on the individual and others as well. 

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