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29 Oct 2020|Noida | Amity University, Noida ( Online )

Role of Emotional Intelligence in Mental Health and Well-being

 A webinar on “Role of Emotional Intelligence in Mental Health and Well-being” was conducted by Prof. (Dr.) Kavita Singh, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi as part of commemorating the mental health month. The session was organized by Amity Business School (ABS) jointly with Amity Centre for Guidance and Counselling (ACGC). Prof. Sanjeev Bansal, Dean, FMS & Director, ABS, welcomed Dr. Singh and stressed on the need for understanding the importance of Medical Health. She averred that mental health has lot of enigma attached to it in the country and people opt for home remedies to address the scenario. She added that there is a reluctance to accept this reality that people could be mentally unwell like having physical illnesses. She averred that last 6-7 months people have been upset, anxious as there is an uncertainty looming around. She stressed that it was important for mentors to pass on the message to the youngsters & millennials that something going wrong is not the end of the world. Dr. Singh said that millennials on one hand are very focused, energetic, competitive, and ambitious but are also confused on how to proceed in life. She attributed this to the parenting these millennials have had with them being very possessive and looking to provide everything to their children. This has made the children feel entitled to all luxuries and facilities in life which they find missing in the corporate world. This loss of feeling of entitlement and instant gratification makes them feel frustrated.  

She also stated that social media, that has become a way of life, has added to their anxiety. They start comparing themselves to their friends & their lives on display on the social media and how they are unable to form deep meaningful relationships, losing on the positive support. She shared that the millennials76l; are not taught how to manage these emotions of mental health. She stated that people are trying to live up to the expectations of others and losing themselves in the process. She called for being selfish occasionally and how bringing intelligence to emotions is called emotional intelligence. She informed that IQ helps to get the job, but EQ helps one to grow in the job. She further stresses how Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive one’s emotions; use emotions to facilitate thoughts; understand emotions of others to build relationships & to regulate emotions. Dr. Singh shared that people suffer because of three destructive beliefs and ideas including unhealthy beliefs and irrational ideas about self, others and about the world. She called for accepting reality even when it is highly unfortunate and unpleasant to be emotionally healthy. She further stated that it was important to have unconditional self-acceptance, other acceptances, and life acceptance. It was also discussed how being self-aware, having emotional regulation, building relationship & motivation are ways of using emotional intelligence in improving mental health.

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