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04 Nov 2020|Noida | Amity University, Noida ( Online )

Webinar on ‘How to lead diverse teams to deliver success’

 A webinar on ‘How to lead diverse teams to deliver success’ was conducted by Mr Shyam Nambiar - Senior Program Manager - Middle East & North Africa – Amazon. He shared that an MBA student is expected to know everything and solve all problems leading to huge expectations from them often causing undue stress. He shared ways of how to make the transition from a pre-MBA to post-MBA world. He added that post an MBA, one is expected to solve problems; identify opportunities for the long-term growth of the company; and optimise cost, time & effort. He averred that all this is done by people, but no one teaches how to handle people. He asked students to give it a thought about how they would like to lead a team of people and ensure personal growth as well. He also stated the difference between a leader and a manager and how a combination of both leads to success. He shared his professional journey and how he learnt the nuances of leadership through his experiences. He shared how he and his team launched Amazon in UAE where he learnt that one must learn fast. He suggested students to ask questions from people of all domains to gain invaluable knowledge & populate different parts of the mind to become an expert.  


He also stated that when one leads a team, they should be able to identify & mitigate a risk or to build a team who can do that job. He recommended them to be clear & crisp while asking for help or suggestions and be authentic to stand for your conviction. He also stated that as a leader one should be able to remove barriers for the team than doing their job, allowing the team to feel empowered and elevated. Mr. Nambiar further elaborated on how a team looks at their leader on how they celebrate success. 

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