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04 Nov 2020|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Online

Seminar on”Catalysts for Biomass Conversion, Solar cell and Fuel Cell”

 Amity School of Applied Sciences organized seminar on ”Catalysts for Biomass Conversion, Solar cell and Fuel Cell” on 4th Nov 2020. Seminar Series has been introduced to share different ideas on common platform for an open discussion on new research areas, innovative thinking by Dr. Anirban Das , Associate Professor, Applied Sciences, Amity University Haryana. 

The Main Objective of the event was to provide Students should understand about Catalysis, different types of catalyst and its importance. 

This seminar gave the information about the catalysts needed for the conversion of biomass, solar cells and fuel cells and how the biomass plays an important role in pharmaceutical and fuel industries, for example HMF (5-Hydroxy methyl furfural) a vital compound is used in fuel and pharma industries. It is obtained from carbohydrates (fructose). Students also learned on the mechanism of new reaction, NMR, Mass spectrometry, organometallic, nanocatalysts and their importance. 

The seminar was very helpful and gave the specialized knowledge.  

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