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04 Nov 2020|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Online

An International Symposium on Current trends in Computational Biology & Data Science

Amity Institute of Biotechnology Organized International Symposium on Current trends in Computational Biology & Data Science on 4th November 2020. Total 64 students attended the symposium and 14 faculties from Amity University Haryana. This symposium was aimed at researchers working in the fields of biological sciences, computational biology and in data science as well as other research. Experts from various reputed institutes from India as well as different countries including Spain, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland delivered their talks in this symposium. 

The major objective of this event was to spread awareness about the importance of the emerging field of Computational Biology, Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence. 

The symposium was inaugurated by Prof. Andrew M. Lynn, Dean of School of Computational and Integrative Sciences, JNU, New Delhi and Prof. Rajendra Prasad, Director, AIB,AUH.  

A keynote address was delivered on scope of Data Sciences and Computational Biology in tackling COVID19 by Dr. Dinesh Gupta, FOUNDER and In-Charge of the Bioinformatics facility at ICGEB, New Delhi,  International Centre For Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology, New Delhi followed by 7 other speakers which highlighted the importance of Data Sciences, computational biology and other related fields in all aspects of human health and well-being. 

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