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21 Nov 2020|Noida | Amity University, Noida ( Online )

Webinar on ‘Entrepreneurship as an Alternative Career Option’

 A webinar on ‘Entrepreneurship as an Alternative Career Option’ was conducted by Mr Dax Bamania - CEO & Founder - TIGI HR Solution Pvt ltd. He shared that finding the best career is the most important task for everyone and how his organization is working towards making India atmanirbhar. He stated that people work hard for money, food, love, appreciation & respect. He added that winners do things differently and shared the example of successful entrepreneurs. He advised students to do smart work that is work in right direction with right method to develop entrepreneurship. To be successful, ethics are also important along with will power.  

He suggested students the areas to align their will power & focus on several fields including disruptive ideas; to provide best quality service or product; finance in business; business statistics; vision oriented long-term strategy; cost cutting and future trend & current problems. He asked them to become a potential performer and come out of their comfort zone & how hurdles are actual heroes that give motivation to work hard. He suggested students to work on their mindset & how a problem will continue to be a problem until one does not have a solution. He shared 3C’s to accelerate their growth including change, challenge & competition to become better. He further stressed that struggle is a bigger teacher than success & how people do not see the struggle but only see success. He stated that leaders and warriors are those who believe in change, what can be changed & how learning is a continuous process. He suggested students that to further their entrepreneurial mindset, they should find their business idea first. 

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