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16 Dec 2020|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Online

PG Program Online Orientation 2020-22 (First Batch) at AIB-AUH

Amity Institute of Biotechnology is now the recognised institute under the Graduate Aptitude Test in Biotechnology (GAT-B) 2020. The Graduate Aptitude Test in Biotechnology (GAT-B), being conducted by the Regional Centre for Biotechnology on behalf of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, is the admission eligibility test for DBT-supported PG programs in the various institutions across India, and AIB got this grant to fill 10 seats through this prestigious national test. The qualified candidates joined under this M.Sc. Biotechnology GAT program at AIB.

The main objective of the event was to orient the new M.Sc. Biotechnology GAT program candidate towards AUH system and online learning and to introduce the students with the Institute profile, faculty specialisation and thrust area of research of the AIB.

After Welcome address by Prof. R Prasad Director, AIB/AIISH & Dean FSET, Student were taken for a virtual tour of Amity Gurugram Campus infrastructure, university facilities and Institute labs and Centres of Excellence like CIRF, ALRF, BIONOVA by Dr. Amit & Dr Machiavelli. The inquisitive question and queries about research areas, work culture and projects, how to be totally involved in R&D activities of AIB were very interestingly addressed by Prof R Prasad during the closing of the session.

The session was very interactive with wide diversity of students from Delhi, Dehradoon, Hisar, Haldwani, Fatehabad, Alwar, Rohtak and Allahabad.

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