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28 Dec 2020|Ranchi | Amity Ranchi

Amity University Jharkhand organized a webinar on 'Role of Incubator for Start-ups


Amity University Jharkhand organized webinar on 'Role of Incubator for Start-ups'


MHRC-IIC, Amity University Jharkhand organized webinar on the theme, ‘Role of Incubator for Start-ups’ on 28th December 2020.

The guests were Ms. Malavika Sharma, Social Entrepreneur and Activist, Butterfly project, Ranchi, Prof (Dr.) Raman KumarJha, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Jharkhand, Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Pandey, Director, Amity University Jharkhand.

Ms. Malavika Sharma said, “It is always such a pleasure to be a part of anything done at Amity and by Amity.” She highlighted different aspects related to entrepreneurship and startups and addressing the audience, she said, “People who are strong are not those who always succeed, people who are strong are the one who never ever give up.”

Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kumar Jha enlightened the audience by saying, " Startup is one point where one has got the infinite chance of learning by making mistakes. So, unless you begin and take that first step, the rest will not come in any way. So, startup is the beginning of any big event that you can imagine." He also added, " You will have to be very clear in your mind that when you're jumping in this particular arena, you have a comprehensive viewpoint of everything that may come on your way."

Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Pandey addressed the audience by saying, "COVID-19 has given us challenge and in order to meet this challenge we have discovered numerous ways where startups can come up and entrepreneurs can show their talent, potential, innovativeness and creativity skills.”

The webinar was a huge success, where students from different departments participated with enthusiasm. 

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