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16 Dec 2020|Gurgaon (Manesar) | ONLINE

Guest Lecture on Drone Computation

Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity University Haryana organized guest lecture on Drone Computation on 16th December 2020.  

Mission Drone of Amity Universe event was organized with the blessings of Hon’ble Founder President Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan. Hon’ble Chancellor of AUH, Dr. Aseem Chauhan gave his introductory remarks on the intention of this webinar.  

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. P.B. Sharma, gave the opening remark and Dr. W. Selvamurthy presented a note on Mission Drone and gave the overall picture of past and present status of this mission. 

Dr. S.N. Omkar, Chief research scientist, IISc, Bangalore, gave an eventful presentation on Uninhibited Automated Vehicles (UAV), Drone Technology and image processing related to videos captured by UAV and DRONE. 

Hon'ble Dr. Padmakali Banerjee, Pro-Vice Chancellor talked about the minor track in Drone Technology as being planned in AUH. 

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