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24 Dec 2020-25 Dec 2020|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Online

2nd International Conference on “Relevance of Karmik and Indic Studies to Contemporary Education”

Amity School of Liberal Arts organized 2nd International Conference on “Relevance of Ka:rmik and Indic Studies to ContemporaryEducation” on 24th – 25th December 2020.

The prime objective of the conference was to understand the relevance of Ka:rmik and Indic Studies and to incorporate Indic values and knowledge system in contemporary education for harmonious living.  

The Chief Guest of the Conference, Prof. Sushma Yadav, Vice Chancellor, Bhagat Phool Singh MahilaVishwvidayala emphasized on Ka:rmik and Indic Studies and its relevance in all the times. She underlined on Sat Karma, Dushkarma and Punya Karma which play vital role in growth, leadership, and sustainability of one and all. Encouraging the speakers and participants of the Conference, she emphasized over the need of conducting similar events in future with mutual collaboration. 

On this occasion, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Amity University Haryana, Prof. P. B. Sharma said, “The concept of righteousness in society will be visible if we follow the concepts of the Gita and its action-oriented philosophy.” 

He emphasized on Self Discipline, Purity of Mind, Harmony with Nature, Strict Adherence to Truth, Integration of Gyana and Vigyana as in the Bhagwat Gita. He, further, stated that human life will be full of Divine Bliss and Happiness if we go along with the reservoir of our rich philosophical spiritual heritage and Indic knowledge system. 

Hon’ble Pro Vice Chancellor of Amity University Haryana, Prof. Padmakali Banerjeestated that, “Modern world is looking forward to Sanskrit as a language and literature for playing a vital role in wellbeing and happiness of society.” She highlighted on assimilating thoughts with actions in human life. She also encouraged ka:rmik and Indic researchers to take their research works further and disseminate the findings of their Indic research works for the well-being of our society. 

In his welcome address, the Chief Convener of the conference and Director (Liberal Arts), Prof. S. K. Jha, voiced over the needs of adopting and adapting to age-old Indic values and knowledge system. He advocated that Sanskrit would ensure our Sanskar (good conduct), and Sanskar will ensure our Sanskriti (Good Culture). Paying a tribute to Prof. C. Bhuvaneswar, 

Prof. Jha released his edited book “The Rise of Karmikology” with 18 selected papers of Karmik researchers. The enlightening ceremony was attended by eminent academicians like, Prof. Kamdev Jha, Principal, DAV College, Pehowa, Kurushetra, Haryana, Prof. Ashutosh Dayal Mathur, Head, Department of Sanskrit, St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. Delhi, Prof.AshutoshAngiras, S.D. College, Ambala, Haryana; Prof. Ramesh Chandra Bhardwaj, Head, Department of Sanskrit, University of Delhi;Prof. Girish Chandra Pant, Former Head, Department of Sanskrit, JMI, New Delhi; Mr.ShaalanNajem Abdullah (Iraq), Ms. Shaima Yousif Alzaidy (Iraq), Prof Udaya Narayana Singh, Dr Supriya Sanju, Dr Sunil Mishra, and Dr Shradhanvita and many others. 

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