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08 Jan 2021|Noida | Amity University, Noida ( Online )

‘Smart Living: The Next Frontier’

 A session on ‘Smart Living: The Next Frontier’ was conducted by Mr. Sajal K. Das - Professor and Daniel St. Clair Endowed Chair. The lecture was organized as part of the FDP on ‘Innovation and Disruptive Computing Technologies’ being conducted by Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT), Amity University. He shared that infrastructure cannot be smart without keeping people in mind & smart living will be the next frontier. He talked about the enabling technologies including wireless sensors, CPS and IoT and Smart Environments for smart living. He stated that wireless technology and sensors have been playing a crucial role in enabling smart living.  

He further averred that Smartphone is a rich sensing platform and in 2021, the number of smartphones is expected to exceed 6.5 billion. He added that Cyber-Physical Human (CPH) convergence is a natural or engineered system that integrates sensing, communication, computing, control, and human in the loop. Mr. Das defined a smart environment as one that can autonomously acquire and apply knowledge about the inhabitants and their environment and adapt to improve the experience without explicit awareness. He talked about Smart City as a rational agent that perceives the state of an environment via sensors and acts on it via actuators. Further, it reasons about and adapts to users, predicts context, and makes intelligent decisions. He stated that Smart Living will be the next frontier with smart and connected communities having complex systems, being heterogeneous & large scale, and Big Data, IoT being some of the prime characteristics. Mr. Das added that smart living also comes with many challenges including security and privacy.

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