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12 Jan 2021|Gurgaon (Manesar) | B Block

Visit to Art Museum:: Sanskriti Museum Anandgram and Cyber Hub

Office of International Affairs organized an exciting local excursion to Sanskriti Art Museum and Cyber City, Gurugram on October 27th, 2018 with a focus to promote internationalization at Amity University, Haryana and enriching the experience of International students. The Museum was established to create an environment for the preservation of India’s heritage and to showcase objects that demonstrate excellence in craftsmanship and conceptual innovation. 

The visit to the museum presented an opportunity to all international students to learn and explore more about the Indian indigenous heritage, craftsmanship, aesthetic functionality and cultural practices. Students from numerous countries like Afghanistan, Congo, and Nepal registered themselves for the excursion.   

The Sanskriti campus is divided into 3 museums each having common objective namely collecting, preserving and documenting objects of Indian arts and crafts which have been a part of everyday life and were marked by a unique feature of cultural rootedness and an appropriate form and design. The collections of these museums constitute the raw material for reconstructing the history of Indian design in Indian life. At each museum, tradition and contemporaneity are not seen as two separate categories, but as a continuum, one mutating into the other.    

Firstly, the students visited The Museums of Everyday Art, established in 1984, which displayed objects of everyday life connected with the manners and customs, beliefs and practices of the urban and rural populations of India. The practical and innovative objects on display exemplified the exuberant imagination and aesthetic creativity of craftspeople from all over India. Museum also covered objects used throughout the cycle of life-from childhood to old age-the collection begin with objects from the child's world into that of the student and young adult, proceeding into that of the settled householder and then moves towards the grand finale of life, when spiritual pursuits traditionally take over. 

Lastly, students were taken to the food joint at the Cyber Hub, Gurugram, a unique, one-of-its-kind concept in India and a premium socializing zone that has food & entertainment at its core. Students enjoyed the opportunity to taste the flavors of the delightful local foods from various regions of India and were grateful to the office of International Affairs for organizing the excursion. 

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