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12 Jan 2021|Gurgaon (Manesar) | B - Block

Visit to Earth Saviour’s Foundation

Office of International Affairs conducted a visit to the Earth Saviour’s organization located in Bandhwari Village, Gurgaon-Faridabad Road, near Teri Golf Course, District Gurgaon. Mr. Ravi Kalra is the Nobel founder and president of the Earth Saviours Foundation which is dedicated to serve less privileged people, destitute children, abandoned senior citizens, victimized women and mentally disabled people. Also, the foundation is visions every possible effort to protect the environment. 

The students were welcomed and had an opportunity to meet Sh. Ravi Kalra, the staff members and volunteers of the NGO who have been working dedicatedly for the community service.  He introduced his team and the volunteers from the organization that have been rescuing them and rehabilitating them at the NGO shelter houses. Mr. Ravi also revealed heart wrenching, lesser-known and immensely shocking past and history about the residents of the shelter homes in NGO. 

After the interactive session, International students were then taken to various shelter houses in the NGO named as Gurukul. International students spent two hours in the shelter and greeted and communicated with many residents. The life stories were heart wrenching and our students certainly felt motivated to contribute for the upliftment of this stratum of the society. They also experienced the conditions in which the residents were abode.  

The International students were presented with a certificate and trophy as a token of appreciation. 

Students also expressed their wish to visit that place once again with their family members and friends.

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