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29 Dec 2020-30 Dec 2020|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Online

Two- Day Workshop on Instrumentation Techniques

Amity School of applied sciences organized , Amity University Haryana in Collaboration with Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universities Bengkulu, Indonesia and National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra organizing a Two-day Workshop on Instrumentation Techniques

The main objective of the guest lecture was to enhance the current research prospective in the characterization techniques. The workshop gave valuable exposure to the participants who aim to carry out experimental research. It will be helpful to graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students of Chemistry, Physics and other relevant disciplines of Sciences and Engineering.

The characterization of chemical entities as well as biological samples can be done by using SEM, TEM, UV-Vis Spectroscopy and FTIR Spectroscopy. SEM and TEM scan the surface of a sample with the help of focused electrons beam. UV-Vis and FTIR Spectroscopy measure how much a chemical substance absorbs light. 

Amity University Haryana, India and University of Bengkulu, Indonesia recently signed MOU. Among other collaborative initiatives between the two Universities, this workshop is an important professional activity under MOU to strengthen the partnership. 

The speaker Sal Prima Yudha delivered the tutorial and demonstration of UV-Vis Spectroscopy on the topic Principal, Working and Application of UV- Visible Spectroscopy and Live Demonstration of UV-Visible Spectrophotometer.The tutorial session began with the basic introduction of UV-Vis spectroscopy, specificity to use in diverse areas and the underlying principle of working. The demonstration of UV Vis spectroscopy was done after the tutorial session, by using a Cary-60 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, explaining its various parts, their functions and the spectrum formation while running a sample. The samples considered for demonstration purpose were paranitrophenol, paraaminophenol, gold nanoparticles.

Day 2:30th December 2020

Dr Anurag Kaur delivered the tutorial and demonstration of SEM/TEM. The workshop for the day has been divided into tutorial session and live demonstration session. The tutorial session began with the introduction about electron microscope. These are scientific instruments that use a beam of highly energetic electrons to examine objects on a very fine scale. This examination can yield information about the topography, morphology, composition and crystallographic information. One of the major properties under concern in microscopic examination is the resolving power i.e. the ability of an imaging device to see objects distinctly, that are located at small angular distances.

The live demonstration of working of SEM have been conducted by Dr. Anurag Kaur, by running a biological sample specimen (bacteria) for SEM observation. The images of the sample at multiple resolutions were shown in demonstration.

The session ended up with a good number of queries from both the attendees and the panelist which depicted the interest created by the wonderful session. Overall, the two-day workshop has given a valuable exposure to the participants who aim to carry out experimental research. The event got concluded with the vote of thanks by Prof. Seema. R. Pathak.

Total 138 students and 15 faculties participated in the workshop.


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