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05 May 2022|Gurgaon (Manesar) | AUH

International Labour Day Mental Health Issues among employees

Amity Institute of Clinical Psychology, Amity University Haryana organized one day programme in Hybrid Mode by the name of International Labor Day, 05th May, 2022 Dr. Mustafa Nadeem Kirmani(Associate Professor), Dr. Mehfooz Ahmed(Assistant Professor) and Ms. Nidhi Mehta(Assistant Professor)  the faculties of AICP and M. Phil Clinical Psychology trainees participated in the program. Dr. Mehfooz Ahmed was the coordinator of the program. The session covered Overview of mental health among working in different types of industries, stress, anxiety, Alcohol addiction, safety and security, gender difference, working hours, sleep disturbance, working environment, organizational culture, company policy and promotion, mental health coping models for positive mental health, prevention models and mental health among employees and promotion of employee’ mental health. The session also highlighted the coping strategies to deal with such issues by respective clients in the society. Moreover, the role and responsibilities of the clinical psychologist were discussed in reference to current situation. The programme also highlighted the strategies for early identification and prevention of mental health issues. The current situation was discussed in the light of social psychological perspective. The prevention strategies like sensitization and psychoeducation were discussed. The programme emphasized the role of practical and service-oriented aspects among employees/workers.

Total 15 students and 3 faculties participated in the event.

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