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09 May 2022-15 May 2022|Gurgaon (Manesar) | AUH

Installation of Global Network Facility MAIA AMOD of CEAMS-NASA

Amity Centre of Excellence in Ocean-Atmospheric Science and Technology & Environmental Science and Health, Amity University Haryana in collaboration with NASA, USA-IITD, India started an installation project. Dr. Sagnik Dey, Associate Professor, CAS, IIT-D is an active scientist working in “Atmospheric Aerosol Pollution and Human Health:  Measurements and Modelling”, which is very close to the objectives of the ACOAST/ACESH of Amity University Haryana (AUH).  Dr. Sofia Rao and Shreya Srivastava are his Research students who associated with the Installation of NASA’s “MAIA AMOD” at AUH. 

Satellite Remote Sensing of Aerosol Pollution Implications on Human Health was the main objective of the event. To develop experimental and seamless modelling techniques for health diagnosis and exposure risk analyses involving different diseases resulting in morbidity and mortality. 

Three faculties and a student participated in the event.

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