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22 Oct 2019|Noida | E-2 Seminar Hall



Lecture on Role of Symmetries in Nuclear Physics organized at
Amity University

DST-SERB School under the aegis of Amity Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (AINST) organized an evening lecture on "Role of Symmetries in Nuclear Physics" by Prof. Sudhir Ranjan Jain, Senior Scientist, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai on the topic “Creativity in Music, Mathematics, and Physics: Beauty, Truth, and Suffering”.

Prof Jain explained how the journey of beauty to truth passes through creativity. Realization of a truth is preceded by understanding. However, we commonly find beauty in a fine rendition of a raga, a mathematical identity or an incredible relation involving numbers, or even a physical theory. We also clearly do not doubt the truth associated with it. This then implies that we have our own understanding of all those things we attribute beauty to. But, if we did not train ourselves in Hindustani classical music, how do we understand that a certain raga sounds so beautiful at sunset or another one at sunrise; a change in raga can suddenly change your mood or thoughts, make you sensitive or even detached.

He further explained how if we are not trained in number theory or geometry, how do we comprehend patterns or love some other patterns which look incomprehensible? If we are not trained as physicists, how are we to appreciate questions which reside at the very fundamentals? An attempt was made to explore the inner workings of the thought process.

In this colloquial talk, illustrations embodying above theme were presented from the fields of Music, Mathematics and Physics. Live musical demonstrations were also presented. For the parts in mathematics and physics, some of the latest results were addressed where emphasis was made more on the journey than the final results. Examples were considered from number theory, quantum mechanics, acoustics, and waves in general.

“For some aspects where we are sure, we will experience deep uncertainties. The nature and craft of understanding will be our focus. All of us will see the role played by our continuous suffering in traversing through this journey, waiting endlessly for flashes of creativity, followed by those rare occasions when definite or semi-definite truths crystallize which we share with the world,” shared Prof. Jain.

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