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20 Oct 2019|Mumbai | Panvel

Amity University Mumbai Conducted Clean Up Drive 2019

Ami-Yoga Club In association with AIESEC in Navi Mumbai Organised ‘Clean Up Navi’ Drive in Panvel. The Drive also officially collaborated with Panvel Municipal Corporation. The Drive was attended by more than a 100 volunteers from Amity University Mumbai, the clubs Ami-Psych, Ami-Litz and student body of AIBAS actively joined hands for this event.

The event gained support from various age groups in the society. Right from senior citizens to young children, volunteers from all age group participated. The primary aim of this social project was to bring a sense of awareness about the importance of sanitation and cleanliness of our surroundings and how it effects our lives and the changing climate.

Through this project we also aimed to bring awareness to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and its relevance and motivate people to take actions in their own ways to achieve these goals. In this project we also aimed to inspire the volunteers to incorporate sustainability in their personal lives, for example, by reducing their usage of single use plastic products and adopting more sustainable lifestyles. 

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