E-Orientation Programme-2021


E-Orientation Programme
(1st & 2nd September, 2021)
Student Orientation is the most important event carried out by the University to introduce and welcome the newly enrolled students under various programs offered by Amity University Madhya Pradesh. It is essential and crucial as most of the students except students enrolled under Post Graduate Programs are new to the Higher Education System as they just turned up finishing the School Education. The Orientation Program at Amity University Madhya Pradesh is a 02 days event which generally begins with Saraswati Vandana and the addresses of Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Deans, Registrar, Directors and other important functionaries to orient the students to the University and process to make them feel relaxed and comfortable for the upcoming part of their Academic Journey and guiding them to fulfill their future endevours. 
Due, to the present Covid 19 Pandemic Scenario and the restrictive orders of the State as well as Central Government, it was decided to conduct the Orientation Program in a virtual environment for current academic year and the auspicious dates scheduled for organizing the same was 1st  and 2ndSeptember, 2021.  The virtual platform for presentation was decided to be Cisco Webex.
The principle objectives of organizing the Orientation Program before commencement of academic session for the newly enrolled students are the following:
a.    It is designed to initiate the integration of newly admitted first-year and transfer undergraduate / postgraduate students into the academic, cultural, and social climate of the University.
b.    To help new inductee students especially undergraduates understand the nature of the University, the educational opportunities available to them, the values and functions of the University community, and the central objective of the University as an academic endeavor. It also permits the newly enrolled students to participate and learn matters relating to student registration on the University Intranet (AMIZONE), Academics, Scholarships, Insurances, Examinations and its processes, campus activities, sports and culture and other aspects of University life.
c.     To, orient them about the Institution its history, values, ethics, purposes and achievements so that they can feel proud to be a part of the same.
AUMP E-Orientation Program-2021:
Amity University Madhya Pradesh had organized a two-day E- Orientation Programme for its new batch of students on 1st and 2nd September, 2021.  The minute to minute program for the E-Orientation 2021 is attached as Annexure.
Day 1 of E-Orientation Program -2021:
As the program was organized on a Virtual Platform, the initial Hawan / Puja was cancelled and the program began with the invocation of Goddess Saraswati.
Introduction of all Academics and Non-Academic Heads of AUMP
After seeking the blessings of Maa Saraswati all Academic and Non-Academic Heads of the University were briefly introduced to the new students.
Introduction of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, AUMP
Hon’ble Vice Chancellor AUMP, Lt. Gen. V. K. Sharma was introduced to the students by the anchors of the programme.
Address of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, AUMP:
The programme proceeded with the address of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor,         Lt Gen V K Sharma, AVSM (Retd). Delivering the inaugural address, he introduced the new entrants to the Amity Education Group (RBEF) sponsoring the University and the number of national and international university sponsored.  In his address, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor congratulated the students for selecting one of the Best University’s in India and No. 1 in Madhya Pradesh for perusing their Higher Academics, which shall play a vital role in molding their careers.  
Further, he mentioned some of the USPs of the University in his keynote address which have largely benefitted the students enrolled in the University :
1.             Amity University Madhya Pradesh and has been ranked by NIRF, MHRD, Govt of India.
2.             The University has been ranked amongst the top Universities also by various ranking agencies like India Today, The Week, Dialogue India Pvt Ltd, Eduworld Pvt Ltd, CMAI etc.
3.             The University has MoUs with many National and International Universities, Academic Institutes, Research Institutes and Laboratories of repute for academic and research collaboration.
4.             The University provides opportunity for the desiring students to undertake high class International Education through programs like Semester Abroad Programs and 3 Continental Programs.
5.             The University has world class infrastructure which meets the standards offered by any best national/international Universities. 
6.             The Campus is clean and green, Wi-fi enabled well guarded with 24X7 electricity and water facility
7.              The University has a Mentor Mentee scheme through which each student is monitored by a Mentor who takes care of his/her needs not only academically, but also any difficulties in their personal life.
8.             A group of well trained and qualified psychological counselors are also available for any kind of emotional help required by the students.
9.             The University has more than 90% placements since its inception.
10.         The campus is a Ragging Free Campus and has zero tolerance policy towards the defaulters.
11.         The grievances of the students are heard and resolved timely with a single window clearance system.
12.         Students are motivated with scholarships for performing well in academics.
13.         Students are given opportunity to select and study the subjects of their liking through Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).
14.         In this current pandemic scenario, the academics of the students are taken care by the means of online classes through MS Teams.  Apart from this the students are able to access study materials, ppts, recorded lectures etc through Learning and Management System in AMIZONE, thus taking academics beyond class room teaching.
15.         Parents of the students can monitor their wards attendance, academic progress by logging in through the Parent’s Amizone ID.
Apart from this Hon’ble Vice Chancellor also informed students about various opportunities in academics and converting challenges into opportunities. He gave the guidelines about the rules and regulations that are to be followed at the University. He ended his address by urging the students to imbibe the qualities of an Amitian as delineated by Hon’ble Founder President in his mantra – BHAAGo, an acronym for Behaviour, Hard Work, Attitude, Ambition and God and CCSM, an acronym for competence, commitment and self -motivation. Hon’ble VC ended his address by wishing students the best in their life and also advised to take care and stay safe during this challenging time.
Online Registration of Students on Amizone 
Online registration of students was done on Amizone by various departments.
Registration and Training on Amizone:
Dr Hemant Soni, Asst Professor, CSE & the Amizone Coordinator, AUMP gave the online Hands-on Training to the new students, on how to register on Amizone (Amity Intranet Zone). The training made the students acquainted with the Amizone affairs and they registered themselves with their respective programmes on AMIZONE.
Academics and Anti-Ragging Measures:
In the second half of day one, Prof (Dr) R. S. Tomar, the Dean Academics apprised the students about the excellent educational and research opportunities being provided at AUMP, the Choice Based Credit System to promote multidisciplinary learning. He also spoke of the Anti-Ragging Monitoring System and shared videos to familiarize the students with the zero tolerance policy of Ragging at AUMP.
Psychometric Profiling and Language Proficiency Assessment: 
Following this, MBTI Assessment, the Psychometric Profiling (to allow the students to assess their own personality) and an activity based Language Proficiency assessment exercise were conducted for all the students by AIBAS and ASL & ASCENT.
Amity Got Talent
The day one of E-Orientation concluded with the event conducted by the team ASCO - Amity Got Talent. The new comers were given the opportunity to showcase their talents like singing melodious songs, performing rhythmic dances, playing on instruments, posters presentations and creative art forms through online platform. The new students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal.
Day 2 of E-Orientation Program -2021:
Introduction of Pro-Vice Chancellor, AUMP
The second day of the E Orientation programme started with the introduction of Pro – Vice Chancellor Prof (Dr) M. P. Kaushik.
Address of Pro-Vice Chancellor, AUMP
The programme continued with the address of Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof (Dr.) M.P. Kaushik. At the outset, he guided the students by informing them about the code of conduct, campus discipline & attendance aspects of the University.
The Pro-VC emphasized on Code of Conduct which was also covered in the address of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and elaborated it by giving the living examples of IPS, N Ambika, DCP, Mumbai and Paytm founder Mr Vijay Shekhar Sharma, by narrating their initial struggle before succeeding and that their success in life was only due to positive attitude, good conduct and high spirit in life.
He accentuated students that their attendance is not be taken lightly and that all the students are required to give a minimum attendance of 75% in all subjects for appearing in ESE, failing which they will not be allowed for the same.  He also stressed on strict discipline should be followed by the students in Campus and that they should respect their teachers and mentors.  He told the students that they can directly meet him in case of any kind of issues related to campus, academics or research and he would be happy to help them.  Pro VC ended his address by wishing them all the very best for their future endeavours.
Address by Dy Pro VC & Dean (Student Welfare), AUMP
Student Activity & Internationalization:
Dy Pro VC & Dean (Student Welfare) Prof (Dr) Anil Vashisht was introduced the students after which he briefed the students about various activities organized at AUMP and about the various clubs at the University as well as on International Exposure being provided by AUMP.
Online Registration of the newly enrolled students:
Following the address of the Dy Pro VC & Dean (Student Welfare), the online registration process continued for the students to register themselves on Amizone with their respective departments under the guidance of their respective HOIs.
The students were then addressed by Brig (Dr) J Matta (Retd), the Controller of Examinations, AUMP to update the students on the various policies & aspects of examination system at Amity University Madhya Pradesh.
Campus Administration, Transport, Security, Hostels & Misc Services:
In the second half of day-two, the Director Administration Col S.K. Sethi (Retd) familiarized the students with the security, hostel, mess, maintenance, cleanliness, IT aspects and the various administrative aspects of the University campus.
Scholarship, Medical & Life Insurance and Fees:
After the address of Director (Administration), Mr Rajesh Jain, the Registrar, AUMP familiarized the new comers with the different aspects of scholarships, medical insurance, unique flexible fee structure policy of the University and Library aspects. He also introduced the new students with his team of Registrar Office and with all the Librarians of the University.
Amity Got Talent
To showcase the talent of new entrants the fun-filled activity “Amity Got Talent” was organized virtually in continuation with the first day activities. The display of vibrant songs, dance numbers and creative activities mesmerized and enthralled the audience. 
Outcome of the E-Orientation Programme:
The two day E - Orientation Programme was attended by approximately 500 students. It helped the students to become acquainted with the norms, code of conduct and culture of Amity University Madhya Pradesh. Thereafter the students were registered on Amizone and given detailed directions to smoothly attend the online classes through MS Teams application. 

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