Best Practices in Online Teaching in Fashion & Textiles

The webinar was conducted on "Best Practices in Online Teaching in Fashion & Textiles" by Mr. Akshay Tholia. He is a renowned international textile coach and Author with more than 25 years of experience of academics & industry. He has impacted more than 100 thousand of people in more than 20 countries through his industry friendly workshops and Training. He is author of World's only Live book on fabrics i.e., Understanding Fabrics. Mr. Akshay Tholia is Asia's only developer who develops innovative learning tools on fabrics. During his session he explained how lectures should be planned for online classes to engage the students and make understand the concept. He also demonstrated the practical hands-on experience that can be practiced during lectures. At the end he also explained how students can be given importance and valued during the classes and the importance of feedback.

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