Rang De Basant, G20 KE SANG

Lucknow: District administration, on Sunday, organized a painting competition on the theme ‘Rang De Basanti G20 Sang’ for various age groups at Janeshwar Mishra Park.

The prime objective of the competition was to promote patriotism for the state and country among children.

Dr Roshan Jacob, the divisional commissioner who witnessed the competition said, “All the participants expressed their feeling for the nation in their painting and showed the purpose of the ‘Group of Twenty’ conference being organized by the state government for international economic cooperation.” “G20 plays an important role in determining and strengthening the global structure and governance on all major international economic issues. This feeling has to be inculcated in the children through various competitions,” she said.

The students of Amity School of Fine Arts, Lucknow participated in this art competition and won many prizes. Details of the winners are as follows -

Ms Shreya Singh: Painting 6th Semester, First Prize of Rs 10,000/- 

Ms Preeti Singh: Applied 6th Semester, Semester, Second Prize of Rs 7,500/- 

Mr Nilesh Kumar Singh: Painting 4th Semester, Second Prize of Rs 7,500/-  

Ms Tanya Singh: Painting 4th Semester, Third Prize of Rs. 5000/- 

Ms Rishika Gihar: Painting 4th Semester, Third Prize of Rs. 5000/-



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