Cad Workshop on “Basics Of Adobe Illustrator” Organized By Amity Institute of Design

The CAD Workshop on "Basics of Adobe Illustrator" was organized by the Amity Institute of Design (Fashion Design) on 24th March 2023. The workshop aimed to develop students' skills in creating, managing, and editing vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator. The objective was to provide a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of vector graphics and their implementation within the design process, along with best practice approaches to boost productivity. The workshop specifically catered to students in the 4th semester of the B.DES FD course, with a total of 8 students from Amity University, Haryana (AUH) participating, and one faculty member from the department.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sam Vinay Rao, the Program Coordinator (ASCO) at AUH, who served as the resource person. The event began with a general introduction, highlighting the importance of learning Adobe Illustrator in the fashion design context. Students were expected to gain the necessary skills to design, create, and edit illustrations of garments and graduation design collections. The workshop also aimed to familiarize the participants with the workspace, tools, and drawing features available in Adobe Illustrator.


Throughout the workshop, attendees were inspired to use Adobe Illustrator for creating high-quality illustrations, logos, and custom artwork. The objective was to equip them with a sound understanding of the software's capabilities and its potential for enhancing their design work. The participants were encouraged to explore the various features and tools offered by Adobe Illustrator to maximize their productivity and create visually appealing graphics.

The "take-home" benefits for both the guest speaker and the attendees were numerous. By using Adobe Illustrator, students gained an extra level of flexibility in customizing their workspace, enabling them to work comfortably while maintaining control over all available options. The software also allowed them to work on multiple images simultaneously, significantly increasing their productivity compared to programs that limit them to working on one image at a time. Additionally, Adobe Illustrator's vector-based graphics ensured sharp and print-ready lines without resolution issues, making it ideal for fashion design projects. The software's ability to create relatively small files facilitated easy sharing and minimized resource consumption.

Upon the completion of the workshop, the students had gained several key skills and insights. They acquired essential drawing and production techniques using diverse tools and features in Adobe Illustrator. The advantages of vector-based graphics were emphasized, along with the correct usage of professional vector editing software to save time and increase productivity. The participants also developed an understanding of the characteristics and concepts of vector graphics, learned to define specifications for new documents, and became proficient in saving and exporting artwork.


Furthermore, the students learned how to customize the user interface of Adobe Illustrator to suit their workflow, create simple shapes and objects using shape and line tools, and generate complex artwork with the help of the Pen Tool for custom shapes. They also gained proficiency in working with color, styles, and effects to enhance their artwork, formatting type characters and paragraphs, and utilizing layers and artboards to optimize their workflow efficiency.

Overall, the CAD Workshop on "Basics of Adobe Illustrator" organized by the Amity Institute of Design (Fashion Design) proved to be an enriching and informative event. The students from AUH, along with the participating faculty member, were equipped with essential skills and knowledge to utilize Adobe Illustrator effectively in their fashion design projects.



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