Two-day Science Communication Workshop on “Grant Writing and Science Communication”, held at Amity

 Amity Foundation for Science Technology and Innovation Alliances (AFSTIA) in collaboration with DBT/Welcome Trust India Alliance organized a two-day Science Communication Workshop on “Grant Writing and Science Communication” at Amity University Uttar Pradesh Noida Campus, form 27th July-28th July 2023.

 The aim of this Workshop is to empower early career researchers in the Biomedical and Lifesciences domains to effectively communicate their research findings and develop competitive grant proposals. It will cover important topics such as ethics in research, scientific writing, responding to editors and reviewers, effective oral presentations, science communication, and funding opportunities at India Alliance.

Sharing valuable information about the various aspects of Science Communication and their significance, Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Former Head, International Health Research, ICMR & Former Director, Info-French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research, averred, “The workshop will include two major components- communication and grants writing. If your communication is weak, funding will not be granted to your research projects. India is not dependent on foreign funding and there is a gradual change in its nature of collaboration with international research counterparts. The three key aspects of collaboration include co-funding, co-generation of funded projects and co-sharing of results. The participants must interact and exchange ideas and knowledge with their fellow researchers from other organizations and constantly work on improving their communication skills.”

 Advising the young researchers, he further added, “Never give up even if your research project is not granted funding and keep persevering till you succeed. Be very clear in your communication and learn from your mistakes. Carefulness, openness to criticism, and legality of research projects are some of the key aspects to be borne in mind by the researchers. Just attaining knowledge is not enough but application of knowledge is of utmost importance.”

 Highlighting the significance of the workshop, Dr. W. Selvamurthy, President Amity Science Technology and Innovation Foundation, said, “The workshop will bring a paradigm change in scientific thinking and foster research collaborations. Doing research is great but it is not enough since it must be communicated properly so that ideas can reach out to the target audience effectively. The topics covered during the workshop will certainly motivate and enlighten the young researchers on important issues of Science Communication and Grant Writing.”

 Presenting an Overview of Research and Innovation Initiatives by Amity University, Dr. A. Chakraborty, Deputy Director General, Amity Foundation for Science Technology and Innovation Alliances (AFSTIA), said, “Amity is one of the largest education groups in the world, with a strong focus on research and innovation, with over 1800 patents filed by its researchers and 400 research projects funded by the government. The Science Communication Workshop will focus on ethics in research & communication, scientific writing, responding to editors and reviewers, science communication, grant writing, grant evaluation parameters, effective oral presentation and funding opportunities at India Alliance.”

 The workshop will be conducted by the Resource Persons from DBT/ Welcome Trust India Alliance including Dr. Soumya Kanti Kar, Grants Advisor, Dr. Tania Das, Grants Advisor, Ms. Isha Goel, Grants Advisor, Ms. Himashree Bhattacharyya, Senior Executive, Science Communications and will be attended by more than 75 young researchers from Amity and other prestigious Institutes like IIT Delhi, JNU, AIIMS, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Jamia Millia University, and many other organizations.  

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