Amity University organizes “Counterfeit Awareness Workshop” in collaboration with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

 Amity Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS), Amity University Uttar Pradesh, organized an insightful ‘Counterfeit Awareness Workshop’ in collaboration with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a government organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. The objective of this Workshop was to equip students with the essential know-how and create awareness about counterfeit products. 

Emphasizing upon the need to create awareness about counterfeit products, Mr. Hiroki Watanabe, Director IPR, JETRO, averred, “Trade Relations between India and Japan have become stronger and mutually more beneficial. If a consumer buys counterfeit products, not only he is impacted but the economy of the country is also negatively impacted since companies have to bear huge losses and suffer financially. We have the power to drive the change by being aware of fake products, thereby ensuring a safe and secure world for everyone.”

Highlighting the differentiating factors between fake and genuine products, Mr. Yosuke Sugata, Manager, Canon Singapore, stated, “Many counterfeits started their business on e-commerce market during Covid-19 pandemic and tracking counterfeiters on e-commerce is more difficult than physical shop. Therefore, one must watch out for the red flags including unusually low price, high discount rate, negative feedback from previous buyer and suspicious looking images.”

Mr. Shun Fujitsu, Coordinator Honda, asserted, “The colour and font of the brand logo must be observed very carefully. The pricing of the products is also an important determinant in ascertaining the genuineness of the products. When consumer buys fake products, the quality is compromised and he is cheated by the companies, even though he might be getting the product at a cheaper price. Therefore, the need of the hour is to make ourselves and others around us, aware of the fake products which are available in the markets in huge quantities.”

Mr. Pankaj Jha, Manager, Sales Department, Bandai Namco India Pvt. Ltd, said, “Bandai Namco participated in Mumbai Comic Con event and did market research for Japanese ANIME and character merchandise in India. We found that the stores were selling Japanese ANIME character counterfeit products of Bandai Namco, which seemed to be imported from China. We identified our products by looking at the copy right label, perfect detailing, correct colouring, perfection in moulds and the overall feel of the material.”

Welcoming the guests on this occasion, Prof. Sunita Rattan, Head of Institution, Amity Institute of Applied Sciences, stated, “In northern India itself, more than 405 products are counterfeit products. The workshop will help in creating awareness about counterfeit products and will encourage the students to become active participants in reducing the sale and purchase of counterfeit products. We are grateful to JETRO for inviting delegates from well-known Japanese brands like Honda, Cannon, and Bandai Namco for the workshop, who will share valuable information on how to differentiate between fake products and genuine products.”

During the workshop, a Quiz Session was conducted for the students, after every talk, wherein the students were asked to differentiate between genuine and fake products. The winners of the Quiz were awarded attractive prizes and participation Certificates were given to all the students who attended the workshop.

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