Maj. Gen. Raj Kaushal, Senior Specialist - National Disaster Management Authority delivers lecture on “Grand Strategy Bangladesh Operations: An Epitome of Leadership” during AIC lecture series at Amity University

Maj. Gen. Raj Kaushal, Senior Specialist- Policy & Plans, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India delivered lecture on “Grand Strategy Bangladesh Operations: An Epitome of Leadership” during AIC lecture series at Amity University. This was 149th lecture under the AUC lecture series.

While presenting the lecture, Maj. Gen. Raj Kaushal said that the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 which was fought between India and Pakistan was a case study on corporate strategy, leadership and conflict resolution. In just 13 days, an independent nation "Bangladesh" was carved.

The war was perfect case study of vertical and horizontal linkages between vision, mission and objectives. The timing of war was very critical. The crack down started on March 25, 1971 when army units directed by the State of Pakistan (then controlled by West Pakistan) launched a military operation called Operation Searchlight in East Pakistan against Bengali civilians, students, intelligentsia, and armed personnel who were demanding for the military regime to honor the results of the first ever 1970 democratic elections. On December 03, 1971 the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) launched a pre-emptive strike on Indian Air Force bases. On December 04, 1971, Smt Indira Gandhi, Prime Minsiter of India addressed the nation by saying "Today a war in Bangladesh has become war on India".

On analysing the Case Study, one may find that both India and Pakistan wanted to define strategic goal and war aim. Pakistani Army Commander in the Eastern Command, Lt. General A. A. K. Niazi strategy was real battle but was against the time and India had summed up the war in 13 days. On analysing the dynamics of leadership than one can find that year 1971 was the 1st time when Indian political leadership exhibited proper understanding. Smt. Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister of India, Sardar Swaran Singh as Foreign Minister and Babu Jagjivan Ram as Defence Minister had proper co-ordination and single aim.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Group said that the war of 1971 was very critical for the future of India. The strategies adopted at that time needs to be evaluated so that it can adopted in future conflicts also. The strategies can also be adopted in management parlance also as it clearly shows that leadership, quick decision making, time management, coping with external threats etc.

Maj. Gen K.Jai Singh- Group Vice Chancellor, Dr. Sunil Saran, Amity Science Technology and Innovation Foundation, Dr. Ajit Verma- Pro Vice Chancellor and Senior Officials of Amity University were present during the lecture session.

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