FDP – Case Writing

1.        A two day workshop was conducted by ABS on 19 & 20 July 12. A total of 19 faculty members  from different institutions from the City participated in the FDP.          

2.        The resource person for the FDP were Prof Manoj Joshi and Prof Ashok Kumar of ABS.

3.       The event was conducted over two days as under:-

             (i)         Day 1  

                         (aa)      What & Why of case methods            

                         (ab)      Basic skills for case writing                                 

                         (ac)      Case Lead as first step of case writing                          

                          (ad)      Generating topics for case leads & drafting a case lead        

             (ii)        Day 2.                                  

                           (aa)      Presentations and discussions on case leads                                 

                           (ab)   Understanding a case & its teaching notes for in class                     

                          (ac)      Using a case in teaching

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