Week long Training Programme for the employees of Bhutan Power Corporation concludes

A week long training programme on“Human Resource Management” organized by Amity Institute of Education for 27personnel of Bhutan Power Corporation (BPCL) concluded with a valediction ceremony at Amity Campus, Sector- 125, Noida.

The participants were awarded Certificates during the valediction ceremony by Maj. Gen K J Singh- Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities and Dr. Ranjana Bhatia- Prof. and Principal,Amity Institute of Education (AIE), New Delhi

Welcoming the august gathering and sharing her views, Dr. Ranjana Bhatia- Prof. and Principal, Amity Institute of Education (AIE), New Delhi expressed her joy on the strengtheningassociation between Bhutan Power Corporation (BPCL) and Amity University andshared that AIE has already trained 47 employees of BPCL and the fifth batchcomprising of 20 employees from BPCL will commence their training from October14, 2013. She congratulated all the participants for successfully completing the training programme and shared that the training has made them more confident and well versed with the art of Human Resource Management.

Addressing the gathering, Maj. GenK J Singh- Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities said that one has to deal with Human resources every day and they are not machines. The same rule cannot be applied to each and every person/employee. Human dealings have to be with compassion and sensitivity which will help in developing the potential of the people around. He called upon the participants to deeply imbibe the skills of Human Resource Management which would help them to increase the potential of employees and efficiency of the organization in totality.

Expressing her happiness for attending the training program, Ms. Pabitra Gazmer, the senior most member from the team having an experience of 24 years said that previously BPCL was sending only Managerial Staff for the training and it is due to the feedback received from the trainees that BPCL has now started sending the secretarial level personnel for the training program. Ms. Gazmer acknowledged that the training programme has enhanced her confidence and has equipped her with new ways to deal with her clients, her colleagues and staff.

Another participant Ms. Dechen Yangdon expressed her gratitude to Amity for providing her such a relevant training programme which had a fair mix of practical and theoretical knowledge.She affirmed that she will use all the HRM techniques taught during the training programme to enrich her dealings with the people around.

The participants of the Training Programme also presented a beautiful cultural mélange of Bhutanese songs anddance, which brought out the vivacity of the Bhutanese culture and traditions.

The five days training witnessed fruitful discussions between the participants and the trainers, empowering BPCL employees with the skills and tools of efficient management and adding value to their professional as well as personal lives.

Various interactive methods like role plays, simulations, team building activities and management games were used to make the training lively, interesting and effective. Experienced faculty members from the Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi and Noida conducted the sessions.

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